21 May 2016

Part Three: Longing

I remembered like it was our first – our first hello, our first goodbye, our first phone call, maybe our first kiss, the first time you told me you loved me. Like a tape going on rewind, everything came back to me. Like a flashback, everything we had became nothing more than a vivid reality. I wanted to retreat, let go and stopped everything we had. Hidden beneath just the mere fleeting façade of our relationship, lies a deep care and affection I have selflessly given to someone so underserving yet who truly needs it. There’s a voice that seem to reverberate every now and then, telling me that this is not how it’s supposed to end. Right on the edge of everything, there lays my heart, triumphing over all the logic and equations that attempts to wipe off my clouded judgments and thoughts. Question is how could a desperate, fragile heart ever lie?

I can only remember, that is all. Could I ever relive those memories? Who knows? All I know is that a memory of you resides as a wallpaper screen and that for now would be enough to let my fragile heart be reminded of your dear presence in my life.