5 October 2014

Just as the week came to an end, my heart is filled with warmth to the thoughts of reminiscing and rekindling the elation I felt last weekend. Our long ride up to New South Wales was filled with outback sceneries, overly exaggerative laughter and smiles, youthful and boisterous sentiments and the love among good companions. Just as the car drove pass the highway and far from the familiar high-rise buildings of the city, we tune away from the hustle and bustle of the thronging vicinities we cling onto day after day. Amid the picturesque view of the barren outback plains of the Australian desert, we blast the music from morning to night, enjoying the littlest experiences we treasure as we run away from the realities of our lives.

Barely grumbling with the occasional physical pain and toilet breaks that were out of reach, we took the lengthy car ride with a good mind and a good mood. From the time the sun began peeking from the horizon to the time the moon came chasing after it, the journey had failed to enervate each and every one of our souls. I wanted to experience more of these that mattered most in life, I thought. Although I might have shoved the thoughts of good companions and worth-appreciating hearty moments back onto my pocket for just a short while now, the spark of warmth and fuzziness welled up inside of me for successfully reviving those feelings.

We were more than just companions riding on a car whom are awaiting for a quick sojourn out of the familiarity of the city, we were soulful beings whom are capable of appreciating how just a few-day ride away from the city matter more to the heart. Growing closer and apart with the people I vicariously knew, I was more than thankful that the weekend trip that ended did not fail to carve a genuine smile on my face. 

Canon EOS M with a 22mm F/2 STM Lens